A New Way to Check Vision

Vision screening is one of the most important parts of your child’s wellness visit, but sometimes it can be difficult for young patients to take the vision test. Very young children are unable to read the letters and symbols on the vision charts, and some older children may not be able to focus their attention for the long test.

Enter PhotoScreening— our new, alternative process for vision screening in children ages 1-6 years who are unable to use a vision chart! Now, we are able to use a special device on our office’s private and secure iPhone to check your child’s vision. To do the test, your child simply sits on your lap, and we take a picture of your child’s eyes. In the time it takes to capture a single picture, we can determine your child’s vision and if they have myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), strabismus (a condition where the eyes are not aligned properly), astigmatism (a condition where the eye is not shaped properly and causes blurry vision), and more. This new screening tool meets the American Academy of Pediatrics Clinical Policy, and has been clinically validated by four independent peer-reviewed studies.

To learn more about PhotoScreening, our new vision screening tool, ask your child’s Pediatrician at his/ her next visit, or call our office.